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November - January 2019






UX Design

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A project carried out using the Agile Scrum method, in collaboration with the company JUL, which offers the bus localization application in real time: Zenbus.
The application developed offers a small internal network service, in order to share and receive the positions of friends on the chosen transport network. The user can also set up notifications informing him of the position of a bus at a certain time.
And Zenbus’s classic services are also offered, such as the visualization of lines and buses on a map or real-time schedules. As well as many other new features.


After the technical redesign of Zenbus in 2018, the company JOUL offered us to work on the ergonomic and graphic redesign. We had to find solutions to innovate and rethink the services currently offered by Zenbus, namely real-time bus location: trackers are placed in each localized bus, in order to know its exact position all the time and inform users.

Preparation phase

First of all, we started by monitoring the situation in order to get to know as much as possible about public transport and the solutions that are already proposed.
Once the technical watch was over, we were able to define our axis for the rest of the project: developing small internal networks, between friends in order to share and receive positions.

We then tested the current application and established a tree structure to get to know the navigation as well as possible, as well as to identify and list all the different problems.


With this intention of axis and the list of current problems, we have started the development of our solution. It was divided into 3 sprints. We first listed all the potential functionalities of our solution, ranked them in order of priority thanks to the ROI, and finally distributed them in the 3 different sprints, each 2 weeks long.
To manage the Agile method we used Trello, which allows us to organize the functionalities by Sprint and to follow the progress of all the features.

Once all the functionalities of each sprint were well defined, we prototyped the interfaces using Sketch and Principle.


The project being subject to confidentiality, I cannot reveal the content of each sprint, as well as the solution finally presented.
However, the latest update of Zenbus, includes some of our concepts developed during these sprints. So I will introduce it to you.

First of all, the menu modal can now be presented in 3 levels of information. This makes it possible to adapt the modal according to what you are looking for, as well as to have a fluid and complete scroll for stop lists, for example.

Then, there is now the possibility to switch between the Stops view and the Lines view, on the home map. In order to focus on what you are really looking for.

Finally, the little icon that represents the user's location is now a smiling Zenbus-colored smiley, which adds a friendly look to the application.

For more details on the latest update, see this article.

We would like to thank the Zenbus team, who accompanied, followed and listened to us and throughout this project.

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