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November 2018




UX/UI Audit

UX Design

UI Design

As part of the UX/UI Audit course, I redesign the website and the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) of The actual website presents the different destinations as well as the travel packages, I conducted an audit to identify the main issues and find solutions. The CRM is totally fictitious, is intended for asie-online agents, it allows to manage customer profiles, communicate with travelers but also create and organize trips and packages. The two solutions are designed to exist together and therefore respect the same graphic charter.

Audit and Website

First of all, I carried out an audit of the current website. By targeting the problems, the consequences they generated and by proposing solutions through the redesign.

There were many layout problems, with texts that were not readable enough, lists that were far too long for the destination or poorly associated information for travel packages.
So I proposed to clean up the interface by offering a single and simple feature from the home screen (above the fold): the destination search. Then introduce white space to ventilate but also visually associate the information through a card organization.

Then, the graphic identity and icons of the site were not consistent, so I standardized it by importing Google’s Material Icons library, as well as a well-defined graphic charter (also used for the CRM below and the quote form).

the full audit


The CRM developed is for the use of travel agents on the asieonline website. They use it to create and modify trips and to communicate with customers to organize these travels.

The agent can, therefore, create a trip from the quotation reception area (completed by customers on the site) or from the destinations page where all countries and travel packages are grouped together. A customer’s trip can correspond to an existing template, but can also be completely created and modify by the agent.

To modify a created trip, the agent can find the travel’s page on the list. Once on it, he can find all the useful information both for the traveler, but also for himself in order to organize activities, travel or accommodation. He also has access to the list of travelers, to easily communicate with them. But above all, he can modify the trip by adding, deleting or modifying events thanks to the list of services.

Once the trip is personalized, the agent validates the invoice. All price details are recorded, as well a the travelers’s progress in payment.

The agent can also go to the customer page to find all his information related to his travels, but also his contact details and his documents.

To communicate, a messaging system is present in the CRM, in order to easily and quickly link customers and their documents to the travel’s pages, necessary for the organization.

entiere user path

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