April to June 2018









Graphic design


Long Project carried out in 3 phases : benchmark, prototyping and development. The application offers pet owners help in the development of their animals. Through different services : daycare, walking, reproduction or adoption. Relying on the community present on the app but also on specially set up animal daycare centers.

Phase 1 - The context

The subject was to produce an app to help the local meeting. We wanted to approach this in an original way, so we chose to focus our solution on encounters between animals (pets) for various reasons.
We started by doing research and several in-depth watches on domestic animals: in what context, how and why they would meet.

Phase 2 - The solution

Then we proposed an app offering several services to help in the development of pets.

First of all, the breeding page allows owners to find animals that match their own to breed. Then they contact the other owner to arrange the meeting.

The daycare center allows the animal to be helped in its development and growth at certain times of its life. It can be done in private homes or in the specialized daycare center set up and run by experts.

The walk by local volunteers of the service allows the owner to take their animal out if they don’t have time to do so at certain times.

Finally, with the adoption, owners can simply manage the process if they don’t want to keep all their animals for any reason.

Phase 3 - The development

After thinking about the solution with interfaces, we developed a demonstrator in HTML/CSS (and a little bit of JS).

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