Agorize Internship



July to November 2018


Sketch (+ Craft)




UX Design

UI Design

Event Tracking

From july to november 2018 I was in internship at Agorize in Paris. It’s an open-innovation platform ont the web. During this period I work with a UX designer, but also with many developers (front-end and back-end) on a lot of subject and features.

I mainly do UX design with among other things a project on the intern CMS of Agorize : the Challenge Builder, which allow the clients to presents their challenges on the platform. All of this is manage on the admin side of the website, they build their pages with differents blocs (text, gallery, map, article …). The actual version was a little old and there were many design bugs, so I work on this to rethink the functioning of the actual blocs, create new blocs for new uses, work on the graphic aspect with bloc icons, but also rethink the global functioning of all the CMS for the future of the platform. All of this is in test phase actually in Agorize.

But I work on many many other subjects all over the platform : error messages on connexion modale, chat, community icons, teams cards, users cards but also more technical topics like event tracking or browsing analysis.

New Accordion bloc

Improvement of the Article bloc

Concepts for Sidebar

Other projects on all the platform

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